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Sexual Offender Facts


Adam Walsh Act (AWA)


The AWA places severe and unfair registration requirements and punishments on sex offenders and requires offenders to register without distinguishing between violent and non-violent offenders or evaluating the likelihood of recidivism (committing the crime again).


Non-violent offenders (including juveniles) that are considered "sex offenders" include the following:


• Teen consensual sex (when there is a 2, 3 or 4 year age difference) (at least twenty-nine states require registration for teen consensual sex);

• Children as young as 9 who are accused of sexual harassment in schools for arguably harmless conduct, including "playing doctor;"

• Urinating in public (at least thirteen states require registration for public urination);

• Adult prostitution (adults who sell sex to other adults) (at least five states require registration for prostitution-related offenses);

• Exposing genitals in public (at least thirty-two states require registration for exposing themselves in public);

• Teens posting nude or semi-nude photos of themselves on MySpace or other social networking sites;

• Teens emailing or texting nude or partially nude photos of themselves or others.


Increasingly rigorous and over-inclusive requirements for sex offenders are almost universally accepted and easy for legislators and politicians to support because such measures are popular among the general public. As Congress passes act after act cracking down on sex offenders, experts and officials should be wondering whether the requirements of those acts even work to achieve the goals of legislators.


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