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Sexual Offender Facts


Our Statement

We have a lack of timely education that has left many families standing by, helpless, as a system has labeled, judged, and taken children, parents and siblings out of the family unit. We know that the nature of youth is to be curious and to explore. We, as a country, have not taken adequate responsibility for warning our youth and their parents of the illegal status of porn.


























• Possession, receipt or transmission of pornography involving children under the age of 16 years is a serious crime.

• In Montana, receipt of one image of child pornography could result in a 10 year prison sentence.

• This one down load can create 100 images in seconds, which could result in a prison sentence,,, as well as a life time as a registered sex offender

• Forwarding child pornography to show a friend can result in up to 100 years in prison for distribution.

Mission Statement

Montana RSOL is a voluntary group of community individuals dedicated to educating local communities about sex offender registration laws, what defines a sex offender, and the ramifications of sex offender laws on individuals, family and the community.

Vision Statement

In a perfect world, the education necessary to protect and educate our society about electronic technology would be in place before the tools of unlimited access were placed in our hands. The rapid growth of the Internet preceded adequate structured, educational, and societal safeguards. If we believe the only way we can become a registered "sex offender” is to sexually harm a child or an adult, we are mistaken. We must educate our communities to understand the full ramifications of labeling people as sexual offenders, while protecting the victims of sexual assault or exploitation.

• We will advocate for a classification system that allows for monitoring, treating, and restricting highly dangerous offenders

• We will educate, create awareness, and increase knowledge of what a sexual offense is

• We will help empower the community to better understand the issues related to labels of sexual offender

• We will educate the community on how to protect our young children from being victims of sexual abuse and exploitation

• We will help educate our young people about the effects and outcomes of making an irreversible mistake through curiosity or by acting on bad judgment



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